Facilities in the institute

  • Forage experimental site
  • Dairy chemistry laboratory
  • Dairy microbiology laboratory
  • Feed processing units
  • Irrigation facilities
  • Local and exotic cattle breeds
  • Honey production units

Services delivered to the customers in specific departments

  • Meat, feed, honey and wax processing services
  • Feed processing and consultancy services
  • Milk and milk products processing services
  • Investment and market promotion services

Services in processing phase

  • Providing training services which may make the products of this sub-sector competitive in price, quality, quantity, and productivity in the global market.
  • Conducting research and development that may solve the bottlenecks of the sub-sectors.
  • Providing benchmarking services in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information to facilitate the development of the agro- processing sector to the world index.

Services in marketing phase

  • Providing market research, market support in the product value chain, collecting and disseminating market information.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and taking any necessary measure to all the services rendered
  • Finding a new international market destination

Services in investment phase

  • Collecting, analyzing, sharing, updating and disseminating all the necessary information as regards to the meat, honey and wax, feed and dairy sub sectors
  • Provides consultancy services in selection of technology, in dealing with technological skills, machine erection, installation and commissioning for those who involved in the meat, honey and wax, feed and milk products processing sub sectors.
  • Supervise and provide technical services for the projects in pre-implementation, during implementation and post implementation for the investors engaged in the meat, honey and wax, feed and milk and milk products processing sector.