kayo JDVS

kayo JDVS ms

Kayo GMP Training

Betelhem Hailu Determinants of Consumers´ Milk Brand Preference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Moges after defend 1.output

Meharu – PACKAGING Traning Material_


Almaz Genene,The Application of Novel Inputs

Gebregziabher-Live Animal Export Impact on Leather

Gebreegziabher Live Animal Export impact on Meat

Honey marketing structure and conduct of honey market in Gozamen district East Gojjam Zone and Amhara Region

Almaz Genene,The Application of Novel Inputs

Assefa Bezie,Factors Affecting Milk and Milk Product Export

Assefa Bezie,The Effect of Different Heat Treatment

Kayo Garamu,Evaluation and Benchmarking Performance

Mulugeta,Assefa & Kitaw,Dairy Plant Processing Capacity

Mulugeta,Ayalew,Kitaw & Hailu,Evaluate the Trend of Imported Milk and Milk Products in Ethiopia

Assefa and Hayilu,The Role of Starter Culture and Enzymes

Meharu – Dairy Environmental Trainnig

Meharu – Renewable Energy from Coffee-Husk For Industrial Use – (Briquette)

meharu abattior enviromental polution management practice

Forage intercropping_compressed

JDVS.MS.ID.555882 ( A.G)

Forage production potential AbrahaNe MU

Beeswax recovery research paper-00281

effect of honey heating temeprature

Review Ethiopioan Global positions in Honey and othe bee products Dr Tekeba and Yeshitila

SJFN.MS.ID.000104 Milk handling Raya (1)

SJFN.MS.ID.000109 Raya Livestock productionnew manual for training 2

JNHFE-08-00281 (1)Finalize report – Copy

Beeswax mis mangement lose published

Excellency center

NTNF.000532 (1)

JNHFE-08-002542010 6 month evalution p.p

የዶሮ ስጋ መመገብ የሚያስገኘዉ ጥቅሞች

Training Summary Report

Training Summary Report two

Food processing industry_PPT

Dakshina_ICRISAT_climate risk

Contact Details


B2B E Commerce and Market Place Models

AIP ppt 11 Nov 2017-IAFSIIIGeneral overview_ICRISAT&ISD

PPT toAfrican participants 20171115

Mulkanoor Cooperative Society – Powerpoint Presentation

Value Chain Development and Business Modeling

Meat Industry Strategic Plan Final Version Submission

Strategic Plan to Develop a Globally Competitive Honey Industry in Ethiopia v.1 Jan 2015-Reported

IMP_road maps 

EMDIDI Brochure 1

EMDIDI Brochure 2

Feasibility Study For The Establishment Of Meat Products Processing

Feasibility study for the establishment of fish processing

Feasibility study for 100,000 lit milk processing plant

Feasibility study for 10,000 lit milk processing plant

Feasibility Study for the establishment of Honey & Bess Wax Processing

Investment Feasibility study for the establishment of Chicken Meat Production And Processing

Industry Feasibility study for the establishment of Animal Feed Processing

Integrated Agro Industry Parks Design

Industry Profile & Inv. Opp. -Feb.20017-1

Stakeholders WC- Feb.2017

Inv.land UC-Feb.20017

Regulation No 295/2013

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