Background of   Ethiopian Meat & Dairy Industry Development Institute (EMDIDI)

Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute (EMDIDI) established to accomplish very essential and economically important objectives. It is a federal-level institute and organized with four main sub-sectors, 23 directorates, and 25 teams with 264 employees.

It is established to enable the country to be benefited from its high livestock population bases in the agro-industry sector; it is also aimed to develop products with value-adding in meat, honey and wax, feed and milk, and milk product to earn foreign exchange.

Based on the tactical approaches of the country and strategic direction, the institute had established and reestablished three times by the council of the Ministers. Accordingly, the institute was established by regulation No. 143/1998 in the year 1998, for the seconded time, it was reestablished again for the third time by regulation No. 176/2008 with modification of its name “Ethiopian Meat Dairy Technology Institute (EMDIT)” and for the third time, it is reestablished again with the regulation No. 295/2009 with some slight modification of its current name and some more added powers and duties as well.