Message from Director General

Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute is an independent Ethiopian Federal Democratic Government Institute. This Institute was established aiming to boom the animal products in processing through helping private investors in promoting the investment opportunity, market research, technological support, training, and consultancy services. This institute works in order to achieve the most out of the agro-industry products processed especially in meat, milk, animal feed, honey and wax, fish and poultry processing industry and it also provides all-round support to help the investors be competent in the international market in the quality and prices of their products.

The Institute also works in these sectors efficiently in order to reform the sector in both means of production by providing technology and to make the product competent in its means of production and ways of producing and processing. In addition, the Institute has been intensively providing capacity-building programs so that the industrialist would have effective and efficient management staffs and better operating capacity of the employees.

Furthermore, the Institute also provides a product testing laboratory so that an investor can easily test the quality of the products before introducing it to the market. In relation to product development, the institute is engaged in researching the products in order to develop a new product so that the investors would use such newly developed products to be more competent.

In doing all these the institute believes that the all-inclusive coordination, collaboration among all the stakeholders of the subsector is really crucial. Especially those associations engaged to transform the sector, service providers of the government organs, on government bodies and development partners should work together to achieve the result that we are desiring.