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Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute (EMDIDI)

The level of industrialization of agro- processing in the country is very low, with the share of manufacturing sectors accounting for less than five percent of the Growth Domestic products (GDP) in the past decades. In an effort to turn this growth pattern and realizing the vision of the government for the manufacturing sector, it is given great attention and priority for the agro- processing sector and established EMDIDI with the main objectives of meat and dairy sector development and competitiveness of the sector in the global arena by council of Ministers Regulation No 295/2013.

The Ethiopian Meat and Dairy industry is relatively a younger industry with no more than 40 years of involvement in processing milk and milk products, in exporting meat, honey and wax. The first company that started processing milk and milk products, and the first abattoir  that began exporting meat was Hashim export Abattoir  the meat and dairy both base themselves on the country’s livestock resources. Indeed Ethiopia possesses one of the world largest livestock populations of which 56.71 million cattle population that makes the country stand or rank first in Africa and 6th in the world,29.33 million sheep population which makes 3rd in Africa and 10th in the world  and 29.11 million goats population which makes again 3rd in Africa and 8th in the world,2.03 million of horse,7.43 millions of donkeys,0.4 millions of mules,1.16 million of camel and lastly 56.87 poultry population that includes(cocks, cockerels, pullets, laying hens, non-laying hens and chicks) and 10 millions of bee colonies that make Ethiopia to stand 1st  in Africa and 9th in the world. All these data indicates that Ethiopia is rich in its livestock population although a very little of its   livestock population is used to contribute their share for many years. But currently the government is highly committed to make use of all these livestock population.

Current status of the Dairy Industry-there are  more than 44 dairy processing companies located  in different part of the country of which one is the company that processes Camel milk and export to the neighboring countries such as Djibouti Somali land and others. The processors are processing different kinds of milk and milk products and provide them all to the local market. But it is believed that most of these companies should move forward in capacitating themselves and enter the global market with competitive products both in quality and quantity. This industry is relatively, having a better position due to mature in its age and huge investment. The dairy industry is the sector with the highest degree of protection due to the economical vulnerability position of small milk producers. Milk – also known as white gold – can be used to make an enormous variety of high quality products.